A resource teacher or a special education teacher is a specialized educator that focus in helping children and adolescents with learning difficulties. As a reeducation specialist, he or she helps students struggling with specific disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia ...) or generalized disorder (trouble understanding, reasoning ...). The resource teacher works with students to develop better learning strategies and will optimizes the academic progress of struggling learners.

Special education services are designed to allow students with learning difficulties or learning disabilities to overcome their own barriers by developing their full potential. the goal is usually to foster their academic success. More precisely, we usually meet students individually or in small groups. We also work in collaboration with teachers, in or out the classroom.

  • Detect, identify and assess the challenges and academic learning disorders in the fields of spoken and written language, logical-mathematical reasoning and psychomotor development;
  • Advise on the purchase of didactical equipment and educational materials;
  • Work in collaboration with teachers and other professionals;
  • Support and help the parents ;
  • Recommend the student to other specialists if necessary;
  • offer summer courses;
  • Create adapted material;
  • Adapt or modify the learning goals in relation to the intervention plan